Quality is not an act,
it is a habit.

Early adopters – today’s guinea pigs

You might be tempted to test your software on your customers. Build a mobile app, or a SaaS portal, put “version 1.0″ label on an alpha build and just gather feedback from thousands of users.

You’d better not! The backlash will drown your newly-born baby. Small and large companies make this error time and time again. The result: failing startups, irrecoverable PR failures for big boys. The remedy?


It is obvious that whenever you purchase software development services from us, you’ll get spotless results. But can you imagine hiring our QA team if you have your own software development team? You should!

In 2011 we’ve acquired TestBenefit, at the time a separate company specialized in testing. We’ve incorporated TestBenefit’s proficiency into our everyday development standards, but we kept the QA team independent. This way, we can always count on their assertive opinions, but we can also share their proficiency with the outside world. They’ll try your software by fire!

When the actual development starts, we execute, depending on a QA strategy, some or all of the chosen testing methods:

Functional testing Regression testing Compatibility testing Efficiency and load testing Integration testing Acceptance testing Security testing Usability testing

Head of QA team is Tomasz Watras, ISTQB Advanced Level Team Manager with multiple other test management certificates.

We hire ISTQB Certified testers.

We use Selenium, BadBoy, Watir, TotalQuality, HP Quality Center.

Automation – wherever, whenever

We automate all tests that should be automated, especially efficiency and regression tests. The reason: this way we achieve the so-called “build once, test many” situation. We employ machines to do in hours what would require days, weeks, or months of manual labour.

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