OF PGS Software


Pawel and Wojtek Gurgul started PGS Software on the premise of an idea which they kept at the forefront of the business.

The concept was simple: developing great software with the help of great people. Creating a place where everybody feels included. Where everyone can see how much they've grown over time.

Pawel and Wojtek as children

First customers,
first positive feedback –
we were on fire!

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The great atmosphere attracted outstanding people to our team.

Trust and dedication helped us attract new clients.

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We kept growing

New offices, new clients, awards... and finally a place among the top IT providers in Poland. Our honesty, perseverance and attitude of lifelong learning have been our main drivers throughout this journey.

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We care because we know that technology without purpose is useless.



Looking ahead, we decided to stop and appreciate what we’ve already accomplished.

Now is the time.

We’re just 16, and we’re already at a place we wouldn’t have imagined to arrive at so soon. Our whole life is ahead of us and we get to shape our own future.

Our team

And what’s your story?

How has your passion for IT started?
Share your story with #howITstarted hashtag and check out some stories of our people below.

Wojtek Gurgul, CEO

I remember that our first computer, a Commodore 64, had a broken keyboard. We couldn’t use the right bracket properly, so together with my brother we wrote a program to fill the whole window with right brackets. Then we removed the unnecessary ones. I was spending many hours on the computer with my brother, programming and learning from the one or two books we could get at the time. I just loved it!

/ Wojtek Gurgul, CEO

Pawel Gurgul, founder

When I was studying to become an electrician, my parents bought me Commodore 64. Back then, we had almost no books about programming. It was all about trying and learning by making mistakes. I enjoyed programming so much that I started studying in another field - Information Technology. The most vivid memory from that period is me carrying piles of stiff, punched cards. Going to Germany for an internship gave me the opportunity to work in a more advanced IT environment. This experience had quite an important impact on my career.

/ Pawel Gurgul, founder

Joanna Switalska, Head of QA

I had a really passionate IT teacher in highschool. She noticed my aptitude for programming and kept challenging me with more advanced tasks. She was the one who pushed me forward. I then graduated in IT and decided to embark on the journey to become a professional software tester. Some time later, my friends from university asked me to join PGS Software, and I became the first software tester in our team!

/ Joanna Switalska, Head of QA

Krzysztof Rolak, Chief of Delivery

When I was a kid, my dad brought home a computer from work one day. To me, it was a fascinating magic box and I really couldn’t relax until I understood how it works. I was inspired by my uncle’s old books, who was an electrician, and an older cousin who was explaining things to me. At the age of 7, I was writing my first games in Basic. When I was 10, I already knew I’d be working with computers. Now, when I show my son how he can program things in Scratch, I feel this youthful excitement again.

/ Krzysztof Rolak, Chief of Delivery

Bartosz Jablonski, Chief of Growth

At first, I was rewriting code from books and magazines, without deeper understanding of what I was doing. I remember when the first PCs with Windows showed up. I was in elementary school back then, and I was sure I’d never ever have such a computer. So, I wrote a simple interface for my Amstrad CPC. It was supposed to imitate Windows: I made a simple text editor, calculator etc. I also remember going to university after school where my father worked. There, I sat next to the other students and learned programming from them.

/ Bartosz Jablonski, Chief of Growth

Marcin Stawarz, Chief Administrative Officer

Ever since I remember, IT has been a part of my life. My dad had a huge influence on that. He worked as a chemist, but became a self-learned programmer. At first, I learned from computer magazines, then from textbooks. I was developing simple games, and I worked on the school newspaper among other things. I learned almost everything by myself. I wasn’t afraid to try, experiment and learn from my mistakes.

/ Marcin Stawarz, Chief Administrative Officer

Magdalena Jach, Head of Project Management.

The most vivid memories I have are from the beginnings of the Internet era. I was a university student back then. We used to communicate through Telnet. In the 90’s, cell phones weren’t as popular as today, and it was a big deal when you texted friends in other cities. It was a window to the world and a tool to access places you could otherwise not reach.

/ Magdalena Jach, Head of Project Management.