Reach Your Goals With Custom IT Solutions!

Reach Your Goals With Custom IT Solutions!

Reach Your Goals With Custom IT Solutions!

Reach Your Goals With Custom IT Solutions!

Our Service

To succeed in the modern business world, you need reliable software. Where off-the-shelf tools just aren’t cutting it, we'll help you build solutions from the ground up – to meet and exceed all your business goals.

From Design to Development (and even Post-Release), PGS Software is not just a service provider, but rather an additional member of your team, helping you reach your full software potential.

Regular and transparent communication are integral to every project. Agile methodologies allow us to adapt to your unique situation. You’ll get a constant stream of improvements instead of waiting for slow, large updates.



  • Migration

  • Serverless

  • Microservices

  • Workshops

  • Cloud Workshops



  • Data Engineering

  • Data Visualisation

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

  • Data Exploration Workshops



  • Product Design

  • Design Systems

  • Mobile Experience



  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Mobile

  • Business Analysis

  • UX/UI

  • Quality Assurance

Industry Expertise

See our case studies to learn how we support businesses since 2005

Our People

Small enough to care, big enough to scale – with over 1050+ specialists to choose from, your project is sure to be in good hands. All areas of technical expertise are covered to guarantee that you are delivered the best possible solutions.

Founded in 2005 and publicly listed on the Polish stock exchange since 2008, PGS Software was founded by the brothers Pawel and Wojtek Gurgul in a tiny 2-bedroom flat. Today, our 3 development centers host top-notch developers, data scientists and solutions architects.

Meet Our Board

Wojtek Gurgul

Wojtek Gurgul


Krzysztof Rolak

Krzysztof Rolak

Chief Operating Officer

Bartosz Jabłoński

Bartosz Jabłoński

Chief Growth Officer

Marcin Stawarz

Marcin Stawarz

Chief Administrative Officer

Meet Our Executives

Joanna Świtalska

Joanna Świtalska

Head of QA

Magdalena Jach

Magdalena Jach

Head of Projects

Joanna Balicka - Strzelec

Joanna Balicka - Strzelec

Head of Product Design

Radosław Soska

Radosław Soska

Head of Pre-Sales

Andrzej Gaweł

Andrzej Gaweł

Head of Development Rzeszow

Grzegorz Widziszowski

Grzegorz Widziszowski

Head of Development Gdansk

Ajay John

Ajay John

Global Account Director

Core Values & Philosophy

Digital innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it’s making your existing product more competitive, creating something from the ground up or migrating your business to the Cloud, we will enable you to harness the opportunities and advantages modern technology offers.

But what is a heart without a soul? We believe in long-lasting relationships, built on trust and honesty.

As such, we live by three core values:


Because nurturing growth brings out the best in people and their work

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Because we respect the work and opinions of others

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Because open and transparent communication gets the job done for everyone

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Unique culture and values

Strong ethical values are at the heart of everything we do. Learn what they are and why they are important.

Where Can You Find Us?

These are our development and sales centres, where we work hard to make IT happen for you.

  • Wrocław (HQ)

    ul. Sucha 3
    50-086 Wrocław

    Phone: +48 71 79 82 692

  • Rzeszów

    ul. Generała Maczka 6
    35-234 Rzeszów

    Phone: +48 17 711 19 22

  • Gdańsk

    ul. Jana z Kolna 11
    80-864 Gdańsk

    Phone: +48 725 735 735

  • Frankfurt

    PGS Software GmbH
    Bockenheimer Landstraße 17/19
    60325 Frankfurt

    Phone: +49(0) 69 710 455 380

  • London

    PGS Software LTD
    Craven House
    40-44 Uxbridge Road
    W5 2BS
    United Kingdom


Partnerships & Certifications

These partnerships and certifications guarantee the high quality of our services through regular audits and checks. Click the icons to find out more.

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