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From nothing to a global public company
in 11 years!


It’s been 11 years since we have embarked on our mission to create and deliver exceptional software. This time gave us experience in all kinds of industries and enabled us to secure a strong position on the software development market. How did it happen? Let’s look back.
Paweł & Wojtek

Paweł & Wojtek start PGS Software in Wroclaw

Wroclaw headquarters open up and attract first clients from Germany and the Netherlands.

We keep growing…

…and getting new clients from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and the USA.


Welcome to Rzeszow!

Opening of our brand new 2nd office on the other side of Poland, getting more clients, this time from Switzerland. Our team keeps growing. Can it get any better?

We hit the Stock Exchange

We get listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, New Connect market, to confirm our transparency and financial strength.

Crisis won’t stop us.

We keep growing. No matter the recession, there are always companies looking for more efficient software and better return on investment.


It’s moving time!

To our new beautiful office in Wroclaw.

Number 100

Hooray! Number 100 – welcome aboard!

It was a pleasure to welcome our 100th employee.

Another 100 newcomers

100 + 100 makes… 200 PGS Software employees!


10th biggest IT exporter in Poland

We provide nearshore and offshore development services to enterprises in Europe and the USA. Learn more about our IT outsourcing services.

466 clients worldwide

With professional team and no communication problems, we successfully assist international clients. Learn more about our Experience.

Over 1 580 projects

Our record includes a range of outsourcing services including custom application development, mobile application development, software testing.

3 000 000 hours worked

As many as 3 000 000 hours spent on delivering advanced technology solutions, from enterprise investments to startup software development services in all popular technologies. Learn more about our technology.

Wojtek Gurgul, CEO

Wojtek Gurgul, CEO:

“We started this business together with my brother in 2005.

It was a tough decision for me to leave a group leadership position at General Electric and equally for my brother who had been leading software companies, to take this challenge and start PGS Software.

At that time, I was still working for another company. My brother, Paweł, was running PGS Software in its first months. We rented two rooms in a low-cost office building. Apart from the desks and computers, they had to fit our two bicycles! So at first it was modest, but we had lots of joy and satisfaction putting this all together.”

Paweł Gurgul, Managing Director:

“Already at the very beginning, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: make best-in-class software for foreign clients. The company’s operating model has not changed since 2005. And it proved the right choice.

With this idea planted in our minds, we were able to successfully accomplish more than 1580 projects. Starting from zero, in more than 10 years we have built a big, professional IT company listed on the stock exchange, with clients from different corners of the world and over 440 talented employees making up a great team.

It’s a pleasure to be part of that story. With so many different clients and projects it’s always exciting to think what’s going to be in the next chapter.”

Paweł Gurgul, Managing Director

We’d like to become a part of your story!