10 Business Facts You Didn’t Know About Poland

February 13, 2013 PGS Team

IT outsourcing business is thriving in Poland. Let us surprise you with some of the key business facts that are responsible for this success.

10 Business Facts You Didn't Know About Poland

1. 2nd most attractive European investment destination

Poland ranks second (behind Germany) on the list of the most attractive European destinations for foreign investors in the next three years.

2. 135% market penetration by mobile services

In Poland, there are 50 000 ICT companies whose large part specializes in mobile application development.

3. 5 best video games

Five best video games come from Poland, as well as many games created for mobile devices.

4. 2 Polish IT companies among the Europe’s 100 largest ones

Two Polish IT companies are among Europe’s 100 largest software companies.

5. 4% Poland’s gross domestic product generated by the ICT sector

The ICT sector (e-commerce especially) generates about 4% of Poland’s gross domestic product and continues to grow. The gross domestic product of Poland has been rising steadily over the past five years.

6. 10 000 qualified specialists in the Polish divisions of the world’s leading ICT companies

The world’s largest ICT companies, research and development centers have their offices in Poland with a workforce of around 10 000 highly qualified specialists.

7. 135% market penetration by mobile services

By 2012, mobile telephone services in the various sectors of the Polish telecommunication market, will have achieved 135% market penetration.

8. A nation with a potential

Poles are one of the best educated nations in Europe. The population is young: 50% under 35 years old. More than 10% of university graduates in the EU come from Poland. 40 000 of them hold a degree in the field of ICT.

9. Top places in prestigious competitions

Every year, Polish IT professionals reach top positions in the international developer competitions, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, Academic Championship Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) or Central European Programming Contest (CEPC).

10. Ideal geographical location: a market of 550 million people within 2000-kilometers radius

By its geographical location, Poland provides access to a market of 550 million people within 2000-kilometers radius.

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