Airbus are only seeking their IT solutions from Łódź

April 3, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

Transition Technologies has won a tender worth millions it was announced by an aircraft manufacturer. The firm’s Łódź branch will supply all the strategic IT systems for Airbus.

Transition Technologies are one of the leading providers of programming for the sectors of energy, gas, the motor industry and aviation. The Poland Solution Center (PSC) is located in Łódź – this is one of three R&D centers located across the world, belonging to the company; at the moment it employs 80 people and among its clients are Rolls Royce and Volkswagen, but the most important one is Airbus. – The aircraft manufacturer is so pleased with the Łódź programmers that it’s decided to sign an exclusive contract with them. Only Łódź’s citizens will be working on the most important IT systems that will be cooperating over the lifespan of an Airbus, from the planning of a machine to its destruction – Mr Dariusz Lis, PSC’s director said. The Łódź centre even beat off French companies in the tendering process, which had earlier been in cooperation with Airbus.

The IT specialists will work on the programming to create the Airbus A350 and A380 – a two tiered giant that will carry 550 passengers. – We’ll immediately take on 50 staff due to the contract, with a further 70 next year. – Mr Lis, stated. – The team will then number 200 personnel.

Airbus, whose headquarters are to be found in Toulouse, has three large factories; the parts are made in Germany and Britain, with the planes’ assembly taking place in France.