An increase in the innovativeness of Polish firms

July 12, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

Over 8.2 billion EUR were promised to be donated for improvement of the innovativeness of Polish firms, from the EU in Brussels. The money should reach companies before the end of the year – writes Rzeczpospolita.

In the European rankings of inventiveness and the introduction of new solutions, Polish firms are still falling behind. In the EU 42% of firms introduce innovations, in Poland barely a quarter. The government wants to change this with the help of EU funds.

The grants are to increase the numbers of workers concerned with research and introducing new solutions in companies. Soon the program Transfer will be introduced, which will allow firms to be refunded for the temporary hiring of specialists. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, our entrepreneurs should be encouraged to cooperate with the learned by the example of Polish constructors. A group of engineers from Bielsko-Biała have designed an engine part which the American potentate General Electric will produce for the newest Boeing B787 Dreamliner. The innovative project from Avio Poland would have had no chance without state aid. Last year Avio Poland was able to introduce into the Bielsko-Biała plant a unique technology for profiling turbine blades, thanks to technology credit from the National Economic Bank. The mastering of this technique led to the opportunity of the Bielsk firm to have access to the General Electric order.


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