ASP MVC 2 Preview

August 10, 2009 PGS Team

Only a few days ago ASP MVC wpreview was released. I have tried to run a small application with this preview version and compare to stable 1.0 version. As published on MS page the aim of MVC 2 is to “Improve productivity and deliver enterprise ready product”.

What’s new in 2.0… Template helpers, areas, support for data annotations and a range of strongly-typed improvements.

I must plead that I expected something more from changing from 1.0 to 2.0. In version naming it seams to be a huge leap -100%?? 😉 Taking into account the first aim of the release – productivity – I am a little disappointed. The feature that is still missing comparing to mature MVC libraries in other languages is lack of stable tag library that speeds up writing views. We still need to mix HTML and code and in case of complex forms the readability of aspx page suffers a lot. I believe that writing applications with MVC pattern will improve greatly when finally, even a basic, tag library is released. Of course, there are small features that improves effectiveness like introduced field types but it won’t solve all problems with V(iew) layer.

To sum up MVC just after writing simple ‘Hello world’ with a small form. I reckon that MVC will become more and more popular and when it becomes a fact we will get our beloved tag library. For now – use 1.0.

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