Christmas Wishes From PGS Software

December 9, 2013 Krzysztof Piskorski

The December has started and now we’re going full speed ahead into the holiday season. But before everyone gets consumed by a Christmas rush, we wanted to pen down a few warm words.

This year was quite important for PGS Software. We’ve had more new projects than ever before, we kept expanding our offices and we found multiple new business partners and talented employees. This, coupled with a refresh of our homepage and some brand new internal initiatives, makes it hard to see 2013 as anything less than a success.

But no success comes without the help of many people. And since there’s no better moment to say “thank you” than Christmas, we take this moment to acknowledge all who are dear to us.

First, we’d like to thank our partners and clients for many great projects we’ve been able to finish together. We hope you will find the next year prosperous, and we’ll be glad if we can help make it so. We are grateful we could work with you.

We also want to thank all of the PGS Software employees. This year many of you went above and beyond, showing skills and dedication that makes everyone here proud. We hope you and your family have a lovely holiday.

We also extend warm wishes to everyone reading this message. Whether you are planning to spend holidays at home or traveling, with friends, family, or other, may those days be filled with happiness.

And although it might still be a bit early, let’s end this with a simple:

Merry Christmas!

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