COVID-19: how we tackle the situation at PGS Software

March 26, 2020 Marta Michałowska

In the light of latest developments regarding COVID-19 across the globe, we are publishing a list of steps we have taken to tackle the situation at PGS Software and ensure our unchanged capability in the context of cooperating with all our existing and new Clients.

Currently, we do not see any real threat to the quality and continuity of the PGS Software’s services, as our revenue sources are diversified geographically and vertically, and we have quickly taken all necessary steps to ensure safe working conditions for our Employees.

To name just a few of the many preventive steps we have taken:

  • we implemented special internal operational rules,
  • suspended all business trips,
  • equipped and sent employees to work from home,
  • discouraged any private trips or participating in any kind of events,
  • as well imposed to strictly stick to national and international rules e.g. including quarantine once in contact with an infected person or returning from countries at risk.

During these unprecedented times, our number one priority remains to protect the health and wellbeing of our Clients and Employees without compromising our full readiness to serve and meet expectations. Therefore, all our projects are now run remotely — and, over the last few weeks, already successfully.

The personal contact with our Clients has always been crucial for us however, as we may need to maintain a safe physical distance for the time being in order to stop virus from spreading, we leveraged our best practices in providing remote services.

Our extensive experience shows that even such tasks as workshops with clients can be successfully done remotely. This requires solid infrastructure, good software and knowledge on how to use it properly, which is a huge part of our competency.

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