Data Science in Practice: An Analysis of Vozilla Electric Car Rental Activity

June 27, 2018 Tomasz Zieliński

Have you ever wondered about the business benefits of data science & Machine Learning? Discover how data analysis findings can become much more than informative insights and statistics.

PGS Software’s Android Team Leader, Tomasz Zieliński, prepared a special report – “Data Science in Practice: An Analysis of Vozilla Electric Car Rental Activity” – in which he aggregated and analysed carsharing rental service data by means of using Machine Learning algorithms and data science best practices.

Here are some highlights from Tomasz’s findings:

  • How far can the car go on one battery charge? 140-160 km
  • How many times per day are the cars rented? 4 x on average/day
  • What are the peak user traffic times? Friday & Saturday evenings

What kind of business benefits does data analysis offer?

“The collected data set can be used to not only prepare a set of informative graphs but also to help in the day-to-day management of the fleet. For example, the operator could simulate how the rental service’s profitability will change depending on the time the cars are charged. They could also predict which cars have the least chance of being rented and hence will be the least profitable.”
– Tomasz Zieliński

The relevancy of the report’s findings reaches much further than the rental service’s consumer base, however. It turns out that the collected data can also be used to increase the operator’s profit margins and management model – which means that such analyses and practices can benefit your business as well.

The data analysis report of the Vozilla carsharing rental service can serve as much more than a simple source of insights and statistics. If used in a business-oriented manner, such data analysis could help to significantly increase the efficiency of the car rental’s entire fleet.

The “Data Science in Practice: An Analysis of Vozilla Electric Car Rental Activity” report focuses on the carsharing rental service industry, however, its business conclusions reach far beyond this individual case study and industry sector.

Read Tomasz’s report to find out how we use data science and Machine Learning to make the best business use of data analysis.

Download the report:

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