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July 17, 2019 Daniel Sielaff

How can design and technology be used to create well-designed digital solutions? This was the question explored during the Design Excellence event on 26 June 2019 in London, organised by ourselves in cooperation with Sage and InVision. The event brought together some bright minds who shared their projects, thoughts and insights in presentations, as well as during a laid-back networking evening attended by over 50 people.

So how did it go? See for yourself in the video below!

Design-Driven Business & Technology

There’s no need to choose between a design-driven approach or a technology-driven approach – by combining both, you can create synergies that can help you make the most out of your project!

Our Design Manager and UX Expert Krzysztof Piwowar talked about how design should influence the technology behind a digital solution – and not the other way around.

This approach puts people’s needs at the forefront, which then inform the decisions about which technologies to use. The synergies that result from this dance between technology and digital design are the secret to great digital solutions.

Citing examples from Barclays, Apple and Burberry, Krzysztof makes a strong case for closer cooperation between design and technology. Check out the details in our video.

The New Design Frontier — InVision Report

Good design equals good business. But what are the most common approaches to achieve this perfect state? And how do you know that your company is truly design-led?

Senior Design Specialist Andrew Godfrey explores these questions by highlighting key findings of InVision’s report The New Design Frontier. More than 22,000 companies were asked about their approach to design and how their design journey was like – in the largest such survey ever conducted.

Find out about the Design Maturity Assessment, what the benchmarks for design maturity are and how you can get there.

Explore the New Design Frontier here

Enhancing UX with a Design System

How can you harmonise a plethora of products and platforms that all have a different look and feel? Sage was facing a design conundrum after having published and acquired numerous products – all of which had different designs.

Experience Design Manager Ben Wilson and Director of Development Will Hearn explored how they tackled this problem by defining and implementing an Open Source Design System, simply called Carbon.

In the video below, you can watch them walk through the steps their cross-functional team had to take to create a user experience that is recognisably Sage and works well across all desktop and mobile applications.

Their approach may not be suitable for every company, but the way they tackled challenges and improved user experience is truly an inspirational story.

Find our more about Carbon
Check out Carbon on Github

So, how did it go?

The event’s great turn-out shows that companies are interested in learning how they can marry technology with design.

Good products have this approach in common, and we’ll see more and more examples of this in the future.

Our Design Manager Krzysztof Piwowar summarised it perfectly:

The Design Excellence event in London an excellent opportunity to discuss how digital design and technology overlap and complete each other. Only one unified (not competing) effort will give your business a real boost and deliver solutions to meet your business’ goals and customers’ needs. The majority of companies that lead in design like IBM, AirBnB and Facebook are very strong in the technology field. This is not a coincidence.


During the event, we also interviewed the speakers from InVision and Sage about their thoughts on the projects they presented. Check out the interviews below!

What’s Next?

The Design Excellence event was a blast. We enjoyed it so much that we’ll definitely hold similar events in the future – about Design, the Cloud and other exciting topics.

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