E-economy in Poland in 2006

July 20, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

The stable e-economy development in Poland in 2006 has created a potential for a dynamic growth of this branch in the coming years – states a report prepared for the Ministry of Economy regarding the state of e-economy in 2006.

In Poland the information society has been developing slowly. The more and more modern solutions used in e-economy support its development and as well the development of economic process, joining them together.

As it is mention in the report – the best measure of the need of e-economy development is the more frequent use of consumer’s service electronic systems in companies and public institutions used in every day life, in house and travel.

The electronic systems of data exchange are used both in society life (e-commerce, e-health, e-learning) and in the economy’s sectors (e-supply, e-sale). In the last year, the Internet was used by 14 millions Poles; the access to the net has about 40% of households, what brings closer Poland to the European average, that amounts to 50%.

The value of shopping done by the net, exceeded 2,7 billions PLN, every fourth Internet user took part in it. As a result of it the number of e-bank services has rose (8,2 million bank accounts) and as well the percentage of banks that provide its consumers with services by the Internet (34%). The rise in interest e-learning has been as well registered. On the other hand, e-medicine is not so popular. Probably the reason for this is the lack of financing of this branch by the National Health Service.

According to the report – there is a connection between using the tools of e-business and the improvement of financial results of companies. In the last year the companies’ engagement in e-commerce and e-sale rose by 8%.This index has been rising proportionally to the size of the enterprise. The results of the research show also the significant savings gained by the use of Internet technology of cooperation.

The experiences of the developed countries show that the support of e-economy in the sector of SME by the government policy fasten this process significantly.

In Poland the Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013 was accepted. It determines priorities for the development of this sector of economy. The state support is necessary, because as the research has shown, the mechanism of the free market in this field is not sufficient.

The strong parts of the Polish electronic reality are – the high dynamic of growth of the Internet links, the Internet users, as well as the range of services provided via Internet. The possibility of gaining financial resources from the EU funds on the development of information technology in the countryside feasts on optimism. The rudimentary problems are still far not enough amount of e-services in the public administration and the small number of computers in households. The lack of trust to the Internet and the lack of sense of security of users, and as well the anxiety of safety of personal data have a negative impact. The more and more regulations is being introduced that regulate the functioning of economy in the net what may calm down users and make it easier for them to surf in the electronic reality.

source: paiz.gov.pl

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