Foreign investment in Poland in 2006

April 25, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the National Bank of Poland presented at Wednesday conference the results of foreign investments in 2006.

Over 11 billion EUR flowed into Poland in 2006, as a result of direct foreign investments. Poland in this regard is racing ahead of the other recent EU members. 2006 was an especially good year for foreign investment all over the world. On a global scale, the flow of direct foreign investments reached a level of 1,230 billion USD.

According to the figures of the National Bank of Poland, the value of direct foreign investments in Poland for 2006, reached 11.093 billion EUR. This was higher by 44% than the previous year, in which it reached 7.703 billion EUR. In terms of foreign investment, Poland stands out amongst all the recent EU member states.

– 2006 was a useful year for Poland – said Marek Sobota, a National Bank of Poland board member. – Poland achieved very good results, when compared to other countries in the region, Hungary, the Check’s or Slovakia. The flow of investment in the fields of electronics and high technologies is becoming ever faster. Poland is becoming a place for locating investments, which require a high standard of specialists – added Mr. Sobota.

In 2006 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency completed 43 projects, of a joint value of 1.1 billion EUR. The new investments will create 15.5 thousand new jobs. The largest are among others Bridgestone, Dell, Sharp, Toyota and Toshiba.

– Poland is one of the leading nations, in which foreign businessmen want to invest. This positive opinion of our country, guarantees that FDI will remain at a very high level – said Paweł Wojciechowski, the PAIiIZ President.

The largest investors predominantly came from Japan. It is worth underlining, that all the Japanese investments in 2006 were introduced into Poland through PAIiIZ.

The figures regarding the inflow of FDI in 2006, show that the most popular field for foreign investors was the electronics sector (11 completed projects) and the automotive (8 projects).

The priority sectors for 2007, are R&D centres, services and electronics. PAIiIZ is concentrating on drawing investors from the G7 countries, together with countries of a large growth potential: Brazil, Russia, India and China.
– From PAIiIZ’s point of view, the priority is investment in the fields of new technology – said President Wojciechowski. – Poland is seen by foreign investors increasingly as a doorway to the East, as a good stable country in Eastern Europe – he added.

The most attractive voivodships for investors are: Dolny Śląsk 12 investments, Mazowsze 9 projects and Kujawy-Pomorze 5 projects. Among the projects currently served by PAIiIZ the most numerous are: service centres, automotive and the electronics sector.

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