Installing AWStats on IIS 7.0 – time-taken extra section

March 4, 2010 PGS Team

AWStats is an open-source Log analyzer than can be easily configured to work with IIS logs.

My AWStats configuration for IIS7 is based on a great instruction written by Simon Schofield Installing AWStats on IIS 6.0 (Including IIS 5.1) – Revision 3.0.

But “out of the box” AWStats doesn’t provide any statistics for the time-taken IIS logfile field. It also can’t be configured, using the provided Extra Section feature.

But it can be “easily” added, by updating the core configuration file.

Find below my updated instruction how-to install AWStats on IIS 7.0 and include in the Extra Section the Time-taken statistics, which displays the average of time-taken to display a specific ASPX page:

INSTRUCTION for AWStats 6.95 (build 1.943) :
Installing AWStats on IIS 7.0 and IIS 6.0 including time-taken statistics
Updated configuration file, that include the IIS time-taken statistics.

A very short description:

First in the LogFormat string a new extra parameter was specified:
LogFormat="%time2 %method %url %other %logname %host %other %ua %query %virtualname %code %bytesd %extra1"

In the file the lines of code responsible for counting the page hits, were replaced by computing the average of time-taken to open a webpage – new variable was introduced for that. Additionally the web-report(general and detailed) column title was changed to “Avg Time Taken[ms]”:


An example of the AWStats time-taken statistics for IIS 7.0:


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