New airport

March 20, 2012 Wojtek Gurgul

Wroclaw has a new airport. It’s beautiful. It’s much bigger and more comfortable than the old one. Of course it cost fortune. Will it ever pay back? Maybe. I have no idea about this business. But it was a city of Wroclaw which made most of the investment.

And for city it’s not the profit that the airport will (hopefully) make what makes it investing in such facilities. It’s a business which may come to the city thanks to the good connection and comfortable journey, it’s happy citizens, it’s tourists etc. This will pay back, even if nobody will ever be able to calculate a proper ROI for it.

We have clients who treat their investments in software in the same way. They know its a foundation for their businesses, and must be done well and solid. We see that others prefer to do things quick and dirty just so they survive for a limited period of time. In some circumstances both models make sense. if your application is going to live a few weeks then perhaps putting a great investment into it makes little sense. But if next years of your business will rely upon it – that’s a different story.

I’m keen on ‘stealing’ ideas. Or using best practices if you will. If large, successful companies do things in a certain way – why not copying best practices. This is how we built PGS Software. And this is how we advise our clients to build their apps. We have built hundreds of applications in last 7 years. That does not make us geniuses, but we have seen so many failures, that we know what can, what should and what must be done when starting a new project and throughout it’s life. And it’s all to make sure that the client has a good ROI on the investment in the future. Will you ever be able to calculate the ROI of making your software right? Maybe. Most likely not. But it will pay back.

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