Newbies to Outsourcing

May 30, 2010 Wojtek Gurgul

We have recently seen many requests for services from the clients who have not yet had any experience with outsourcing. We are always trying to help them. We actually very often teach them how to make their project a success. Last Friday I had a call from the UK based company asking me why is it better to use us rather than hiring local developers other than just cost. I was surprised to see that a person who is new to the concept of outsourcing already realized that cost is the driver, but cannot be the only one. They wanted to outsource some of the .NET development. I do not want to repeat all the arguments I used, but one is common across most of the service companies. In last 3 years I was able to count over 320 separate projects done by us for our customers. All of them went live. All have been accepted and paid. What organization has such an experience in house? This is only possible for those (like us) who do it for living.

About 2 weeks ago some relatives asked me for an advice on whom shall they take as an architect for the house they want to build. Of course I had no idea :-). But I knew one thing – take an individual who does design houses for people for living. Not the one who does schools or shops (even very famous one). Take the one who has most likely made all the mistakes you need to make getting experience in doing your job right.

Software development is no different. You need to gather experience. Like Senior knows much more than Junior developer, companies which delivered hundreds of projects know much more than most of the internal organizations.