PAIiIZ report: Direct foreign investments in Poland

May 10, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

In the first quarter of 2007 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), guided the setting up of 17 foreign investments in Poland. The joint value of these investments was 577 million EUR. The new investments will create over 8 thousand new work places.

Most of these investments will be located in the Dolnysląsk voivodship. Among the investments the electronics sector was dominant. Apart from Dolny Śląsk, the greatest interest was shown in locations in the Małopolska, Mazowiecki, and Kujawy-Pomorze voiviodships.

More than half of the investors came from countries beyond the EU, mainly from the USA and Japan. There were also encouraging investments from China (projects from the electronics sector and typography). Recently PAIiIZ has organised two conferences, the theme of which was Polish-Chinese economic cooperation. The Chinese expressed an interest in creating an industrial park geared towards drawing in Chinese businesses to Poland.

The first quarter of 2007 confirmed that Poland is often chosen as a location for investments in the electronics sector. Also PAIiIZ serviced projects in the sectors of chemicals, food, automotive and BPO.

In the first quarter of 2007 PAIiIZ achieved better results than in all of the first half of the previous year; when the Agency led 12 foreign investors to taking decisions to invest in Poland. The joint value of those projects was 198.18 million EUR, the number of workplaces declared was 5.5 thousand.


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