PGS Software Appears in Nationwide Business Newspaper

October 5, 2017 Melania Sulak

PGS Software S.A., an IT firm worth over 81 million euros, made its way to the big leagues of business by remaining grounded and people-oriented.

Below are a few highlights from a Puls Biznesu article that chronicles the company’s unconventional road to success.

PGS Software on the front page of a national business newspaper.

In the highly competitive IT business world, Paweł and Wojciech Gurgul, the two brothers behind PGS Software, prefer to do their own thing, making money earnestly and focusing on the people.

Despite being at the head of a multimillion euro company, they prefer not to indulge in leading lavish lifestyles and fleeting hypes.

Instead, they remain grounded and deeply rooted in the values they believe in – namely, that business growth should always start with the professional development of employees.

PGS Software founders - Wojciech and Paweł Gurgul.

Blood & Business Do Mix

What makes their success story different than those we so often hear of?

Brotherly camaraderie, collaboration, and at times, intellectual symbiosis.

“There is a door between our offices and, most of the time, it remains open. We constantly talk to each other. Lately, we’ve been discussing which direction we should grow in,” says Wojciech Gurgul.

“We’ve started a new chapter at PGS Software. We’ve shifted gears and are expanding our capabilities to more than outsourcing. We’re beginning to focus on providing more technologically advanced and market-tailored solutions,” says Paweł Gurgul.

The software house  headquarters.

“Every few quarters, we reorganise ourselves. We’ve reached another level and are well on our way to becoming a truly world-class IT company, hiring over 600 technological experts and continuously expanding our portfolio of competencies,” adds Wojciech Gurgul.

Despite this, the Gurgul brothers grimace at the term ‘corporation’. They still make a conscious effort to get to know their employees, insisting that everyone at the company be on a first-name basis with each other. Often joking that instead of being let in the coffee machine queue ahead of everyone else, they’d prefer to have a chat.

81 million euro success story.

Reaching for the Cloud

What also distinguishes PGS Software is that it aims to attract and retain talent not with flashy social bonuses but with worthwhile opportunities for professional growth.

“Programmers appreciate and understand the value of professional development. We’ve joined a very important movement in the technological world – we’ve switched to cloud computing solutions. There is probably no other company in Poland that does so much on such a large scale in terms of investing in training and certifications related to the AWS Cloud,” explains Wojciech Gurgul.

“A top quality development process, scalability, great client relations, experience, certificates – we’ve got it all. We realise a few hundred projects a year. When we walk into a bank in London’s City, we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” concludes Wojciech Gurgul.

In light of PGS Software’s steady growth, the Gurgul brothers aren’t concerned that Ukrainian or Chinese competitors will corner the market – partly because they’re one of few companies in Europe that have jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon.

Source: Puls Biznesu

Translation: PGS Software S.A.

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