PGS Software – AWS Partner!

April 24, 2017 Łukasz Panusz

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to our personnel’s great talent, hard work, and dedication, PGS Software has recently become an AWS Consulting Partner and is now a proud member of the Amazon Partner Network!

After a long and challenging assessment process, Amazon has confirmed our core competency, namely, designing and implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. We can now call ourselves members of the Amazon Partner Network community!

Due to this advancement, PGS Software is able to serve customers of all types and sizes by delivering solutions on a global scale. As members of the Amazon Partner Network, PGS Software developers can substantially accelerate customers’ journey to the cloud while delivering innovation, agility, and optimisation of infrastructure.

As APN members, PGS Software share a common goal with AWS meaning that we will conjoin our efforts to better focus on our customers’ success. Working along with AWS, we strive to aid customers across the full customer lifecycle by helping them take full advantage of all of the business benefits that AWS has to offer.

Having had over six years of experience working with the AWS Cloud, PGS Software is able to fully support customers in migrating to the cloud. We can help our customers to move existing applications to the cloud, to transform legacy systems, and to design cloud-native solutions. In tandem with AWS, PGS Software’s DevOps practitioners will be able to provide a wide range of services and solutions that will allow customers to implement DevOps best practices on AWS.

Additionally, PGS Software has extensive practical knowledge of Big Data, DevOps, IoT, BI, and architectural and infrastructural automation. Having been able to work with all of these services, PGS Software is able to greatly contribute to Customer Success by significantly reducing the time and cost it takes to deliver new business functionalities.

136 of PGS Software’s employees are now registered members of the Amazon Partner Network – all of them have attained at least the Technical Professional Accreditation. A number of our staff have also achieved higher credentials such as the AWS Certified Developer and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional and Associate) certifications.

Although PGS Software has already successfully delivered a large number of IT projects based on AWS services, this is the true beginning of our AWS journey.

We are very excited to continue our efforts in further advancing our competencies and acquiring higher-level accreditations.

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