PGS Software Bike Trip

August 16, 2013 Krzysztof Piskorski

There’s a lot to be said about keeping a healthy balance between the work and the physical activity. Sitting long hours in front of the screen can take its toll, and no one knows that better than pale and hazy-eyed developers who emerge out of their offices after week-long “crunches”.

At PGS Software we know that a rested developer is a good developer, and that’s why we’ve always supported a healthy lifestyle. The company has endorsed several outdoor activities, including the PGS football cup and charity runs.

Recently, the cyclists of PGS Software decided it’s their turn and ganged up for an official PGS Software spin. The group has met near the Wrocław stadium on a lovely July morning, equipped with all the water and high-calorie snacks they could carry. The plan was to cycle around 35 miles in a mixed terrain and to get back to the same place.

As it turned out, planning development sprints is easier than planning cycling excursions. The trip started at 10:00, according to the plan. Unfortunately, half an hour later our cyclists were already lost. The path plotted on Google Maps turned out to look quite different in the real world…

maps compare

Below, you can see a comparison between the plan (left), and the real path our tireless cyclists took (right). But even with some unexpected complications, the event was still an extremely fun, enjoyable experience, that they plan to repeat in the future.

See the video below for some short snippets from the trip.

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