PGS Software Joins Xebia Group!

October 6, 2021 Jerzy Dörfler

We’re excited to let you know that PGS Software is now officially part of Xebia Group – a family of companies that consists of specialized, interlinked organizations. This change means many new things – but, luckily, all of them are good. And, most importantly, they are beneficial to our existing and future clients. 


In August this year, in agreement with our management, Xebia Consultancy Services announced a tender offer for 100% of PGS Software shares. The share buyout was completed on the 4th of October. As a result, we officially joined Xebia Group.



What Will Change?


Becoming part of such an established and experienced international group will mean more daring and cutting-edge projects, more recognition, and, as a result – even more experts on board. After all, these new projects will be extremely attractive to many IT professionals. As a result, we’ll likely be able to support our customers with even more digital experts proficient in multiple technologies.

And this is immensely important. In 2021, nearly every IT firm desperately needs more technical talent. Luckily, we’ve been continuously successful in recruiting new IT experts. Only this year, 260 new people have joined our organization. However, it’s wise to plan ahead and aim high. We’re convinced that the cooperation with Xebia will allow us not only to retain our talent sourcing activities on the current level but to speed them up substantially.


We are looking at PGS Software’s development from a long-term perspective. Partnering up with Xebia provides the best way to maintain our high business growth not only now, during the IT boom, but also later on. Our partner operates worldwide and works with the biggest companies out there. For us, this means joining global, highly innovative, large, and technologically ambitious projects.


Wojtek Gurgul, CEO at PGS Software


Why Xebia Group?


This new development is a great opportunity for PGS Software. Finding a global partner perfectly fulfils our long-term development strategy. We were looking for a business partner that would strengthen our presence on international markets – and we couldn’t dream of a better fit than Xebia Group.

Our organizations have a similar company culture; we also hold similar values dear. Most importantly, we both emphasize the professional development of our team members and promote exchanging knowledge regularly.

After meeting for the first time in person, we instantly felt a strong entrepreneurial connection. Xebia Group’s Management shared our views on business and company ethics. Moreover, Xebia’s strategy to invest in the independence of their partner companies has convinced us that joining forces is a guarantee for PGS Software to develop further in many areas while retaining its unique identity.


Xebia Authority


One of Xebia’s projects that got us especially curious was the Authority mission. Xebia defined this mission in 2004, and it has navigated the company ever since.

What is this Authority mission all about?

Xebia strives to be the Authority: as a company, in each of its service domains, and as professionals. This means aiming to become the number 1 or 2 in each of the enterprises market domains, be the best professional in a specific domain area, aim for authority leadership, and always perform the 9 on a scale of 10.

Such an emphasis on quality was exactly what we’re looking for. Viewing ourselves as software craftsmen, PGS Software’s goal is not only to grow as a company but also to develop as professionals, becoming more and more proficient in multiple domain areas. Xebia’s Authority mission is a perfect way to make this possible.


Entering a partnership of this magnitude is a transformational step for Xebia. In leading Polish software house PGS Software, we have found a partner with an equal passion for digital, solid relationships with cloud providers like AWS, and values that match ours. With PGS Software’s knowledge, skills and experience, we can take a big leap forward, in line with our authority mission.

Andrew de la Haije, CEO at Xebia


The Future


With this partnership, Xebia and PGS Software can offer expert consultancy in all digital domains, improve its global market position and offers its ambitious teams access to large-scale software projects and new growth opportunities.

Together, they will employ over 4,200 IT experts and enjoy a physical presence in fourteen countries in Europe, APAC, MEA, and the US.


About Xebia Group

Fast-growing digital leader Xebia has been providing high-quality digital transformation consulting to companies for over 20 years, delivering services and solutions around cloud, data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and software.  

Xebia helps the world’s 250 largest companies, like Disney, Ahold Delhaize, Tesco, Philips, and ING bank embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and implement the most successful business models. In addition to high-quality consulting, Xebia also provides advanced tools and training that modern companies need to work better, smarter, and faster. 

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