PGS Software proudly presents – gimBUS, the Android event bus library

June 6, 2016 Tomasz Zieliński

What is the event bus pattern? Let’s quote the documentation of Guava:

publish-subscribe-style communication between components without requiring the components to explicitly register with one another (and thus be aware of each other). It is designed exclusively to replace traditional Java in-process event distribution using explicit registration.

Our team addressed the problem present in other popular Android event bus implementations – the lack of fine-grained delivery thread control. gimBUS allows us to define which thread will be used for the delivery of an event object using the receiver’s method annotation. We are also introducing an experimental feature – sticky events, which – after sending – will be delivered to every new subscriber. Let us know if your usage pattern requires time-limited sticky event implementation. We thought about it but have decided to wait with its implementation until we hear some feedback.

GitHub project:
As gimBUS is an open-source project licensed under the MIT license, everyone is free to fork it and use it. Pull requests are welcome!

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Credits: Łukasz Płomiński (architecture and development), Bartosz Stokrocki (maven, travis, repository).

PS: “Gimbus” is a colloquial name for school bus in Poland.

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