Poland’s attractiveness as beheld by German investors

June 21, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

Investing in Poland is becoming for German Investors increasingly attractive – it appeared in this year’s assessment of the economic situation, carried out by the Polish-German Industry & Trade Chamber.

The number of investors that would again decide to start businesses activities in Poland, grew in comparison to last year’s survey of the economic climate in business by over 15%. More than half of those surveyed had last year increased their business investment, encouraged by the positive economic assessments of Poland. Over 60% of those surveyed are of the opinion, that this situation has improved, and also that the strong growth in Polish GDP will be maintained throughout 2007. Since last year, the conditions for activities in the field of R&D have also improved.

In terms of attractiveness for investment, Poland has shared first place with Germany, however all the other countries of the region have been less attractive for investors than China. An undoubted influence on this assessment has also been Poland’s membership of the EU.

The positive business environment has an effect on new work places – over half the respondents intend to increase employment this year. German employers rate Polish workers highly, mainly for their involvement, qualifications and productivity. Meanwhile the availability of equally, highly qualified, as unqualified staff, is in the opinion of investors inadequate. Apparently they also have a negative opinion of the political instability, the changing nature of the law and the lack of effectiveness in public administration.

In the survey there took part 128 entrepreneurs, operating in Poland and Germany.

source: paiz.gov.pl

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