May 5, 2010 Wojtek Gurgul

Every new customer who comes to see if we may be a good partner asks for references. This is a very reasonable request. We have a list of case studies, which we carefully build after each project is completed. The problem begins when it comes to REAL references. “Show me the websites”, “Where can I see your work?” Well… the answer is tough. It’s very often either in the Intranet of some corporations or on public websites for which we had to sign in blood that we would never disclose the fact that we had done them. Why? Because we are the doers. As doers we sell the work to the companies which pretend that they are doers. They sell it either directly to large clients or to marketing agencies which sometimes admit that they subcontract some of the work. So there is a food chain, where we are always at the end. Not a great position. On the other hand this gives us a very rare opportunity to be the last part of the chain for many chains :). That means that we often work on different projects for… competitors.But that also means that we have a great experience in many different areas.

So how about such references: We have done projects for a manufacturer of a motorbikes I like the most, for a producer of IT hardware I use the most, for Telecom companies which operate globally and very likely operate your mobile, for financial institution which logo is most likely in your pocket, for hard disk producer which is likely in some of your many PCs, for printer and copy machines producers which probably stay in your home and/or office.

None of that has been done directly for those customers. Not yet. But we are all very proud of it anyway. And it’s fun!