More Coders, More Cities, More Pizzas: The Latest From PGS Software Talks

October 7, 2015 Krzysztof Piskorski

Encouraged by the success of our recent events, talks, workshops and hackathons, we decided to focus on a new city. We’re now going to shake up the lively IT scene of Gdańsk.

If you follow news about PGS Software, you already know Gdańsk is the latest place to host our development center. Our presence in this beautiful, historic city will make it easier for us to personally stay in touch with our Scandinavian clients.

However, we’re looking to do much more than just open a new office. Now that our center is ready and working, we want to do what we’ve always done wherever we are – to invest back into local IT community with workshops, events and other free, fun activities.

First PGS Software Talks in Gdańsk are scheduled for October 1, 2015.

The decision to expand our events to tri-city comes on the heels of our latest success. The recent edition of Software Talks in Wrocław (June 30) was a real stunner. Prior to the event, we had registered around 120 participants, mostly local IT specialists and students. The number was quite large, but we were not expecting everyone to actually turn up. How foolish! The crowd that gathered in our office proved even larger, including many people who didn’t pre-register hoping for a last-minute seat.

The event was so popular partly due to excellent reputation of PGS Software Talks, and in part because of a great line-up of IT personalities who took the stage: Jarosław Pałka (successful speaker, blogger and a software engineer with rich experience in software architectures), Michał Bartyzel (a recognized IT author, blogger, speaker and journalist), and Sławomir Sobótka (a successful IT consultant who’s great at sharing his work experiences).

The enthusiastic crowds at the Wrocław event were very welcome, but they severely strained our catering provisions. We had to save the day by ordering additional pizzas three times in a row. We’re sure that local pizza joints loved this event just as much as we did…

But Wrocław Talks were not our only recent success. We also broke some new ground organizing a friendly Dev QA Hackathon (27 June), centered around testing automation. Automated testing and QA is one of the key growth areas at PGS Software, as you can probably tell from the fact we’ve decided to devote a part of our new homepage exclusively for this. We wanted more local IT specialists to discover this extremely interesting and technologically demanding topic. It turned out, this was a first Polish hackathon devoted to automatic testing! This helped us secure a media partnership with very popular polish internet QA community –

That’s not all!

The last of our recent events was perhaps less unique, but certainly pleasant. Java-centric Software Talks in Rzeszów (23 June) again turned out to be a full success, cementing our reputation as a great host and organizer. See the full report here.

With all this positive buzz, we’re expecting a lot of good from our upcoming Gdańsk events. We hope that PGS Software will once again manage to become a lynchpin of a healthy, local IT community.

For more information on talks, workshops and hackathons organized by PGS Software in Poland, have a look at:

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