The productivity of the Poles is increasing

July 12, 2007 Ela Pawełek-Lubera

Poland is working increasingly better and more productively – it appeared from the latest research from GUS.

Between January and May the sales of manufacturing firms for each employed worker were 8.2% higher than from last year. During the whole of 2006 they grew by 9.4% (in 2005 by only 2.9%). As stated by economists, the increase in the effectiveness of work is due to more effective organisation. Apart from this workers have an increasing access to new technology and apparatus, the source of this occurrence is the impressive increase of investment in Poland, mainly from those of large multinational concerns. However the economists are concerned with the large pay increases in comparison to the growth in the work dynamic. Only in May wages in industry grew by 8.2% on an annual scale, whilst the productivity of work increased by only 4.5%. As the Monetary Policy Committee warned, this could lead to an increase in inflation.


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