Using AWS Serverless to Streamline an Automotive Supply Chain [VIDEO]

February 27, 2019 Melania Sulak

Chief Solutions Architect & Head of PGS Software’s Centre of Excellence – Lukasz Panusz – has recently appeared on an episode of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) “This Is My Architecture” where he was asked to present his cost-effective, performant, and resilient Serverless architecture, created for an automotive industry customer.

AWS airs “This Is My Architecture” on their website and YouTube channel, which boasts over 100,000 views to date. The video programme aims to present innovative Cloud architectures from AWS Partners and customers. Peter Tilsen, AWS Solutions Architect, hosted the show during which Lukasz was asked to present this future-forward customer business case and solution.

Watch Lukasz go into detail about his Serverless architecture:

The customer’s main requirement was to optimise and improve the supply chain ordering process by employing the latest technologies. The dated ERP system ordering process they had been using was challenging and time-consuming to develop – which was resulting in slower delivery times. The customer decided to switch to Just-In-Time Delivery to simplify this process and help their client limit warehousing costs.

This Serverless solution was delivered in just 4 weeks and was able to solve their client’s problems by simplifying the ordering process in a fully automated way – allowing all process elements to be managed automatically. By the end of the project, the developed system exceeded the customer’s key requirements – performance, resilience, and cost-efficiency – and the entire solution is now 100x cheaper! Moreover, the applied configuration and automation of the system has made it capable of processing more than 22.5 billion messages daily. It has also made it easy to use by different factories and entities, creating new income opportunities for the client.

If you’re curious about the Cloud’s digital transformation capabilities, get in touch with our business representatives by visiting our Contact Us page. They’ll introduce you to Lukasz and our other Cloud Excellence team members in hopes of finding the best solution to your business’s specific challenges and opportunities.

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