Wroclaw on Tholons 100 list in 2010

January 4, 2011 Wojtek Gurgul

Wroclaw is listed higher this year on Tholons Top 100. It’s ranked 84 worldwide, 15 in Eastern Europe and at the same time the 5th as non-capital in the region. Ther are 3 cities in Poland on the list: Warsaw (capital), Krakow and Wroclaw.

It’s a great sign of Wroclaw’s development. Last years it was on the list as “On Tholons Radar”.

Here is what Tholons put as a comment for Poland last year. I could not write it better.

Poland is emerging as a premiere nearshore shared services center for Western European and Scandinavian client markets. With its capabilities in serving the full spectrum of services in both ITO and BPO spaces—Poland has emerged as arguably the strongest competitor in the region for a spot in the Top 5 Offshore Nations list. While
other countries in the region struggle to develop and build a scalable/employable talent pool, Poland’s population of almost 40 million and world-class education system—has successfully positioned its place among the top offshore nations.

You need to remember though, that this list is not only for IT software development outsourcing. They talk about all different types of outsourcing like: HR, Contact centres, Legal services, Game development, etc.

Also, if you consider capitals as definitely more expensive than other cities, Wroclaw is on a very short list for IT outsourcing destinations in Europe.