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Advanced: Leveraging DevOps to accelerate Cloud migration

Advanced was looking to strengthen their in-house DevOps skillset, as well as to gain developmental and operational freedom by migrating their infrastructure from a third party provider to self-managed AWS hosting.

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Business Benefits

Building a brand-new, Cloud infrastructure from scratch allowed the teams to put their DevOps competencies to use throughout the entire process, as well as gain a number of crucial benefits:

  • Future innovation with AWS infrastructure
  • Cost savings by switching database engine
  • Improved Development speed with automated testing & deployment
  • Faster time-to-market via in-house DevOps competencies
  • Business Need

    When Advanced took over Science Warehouse, the situation at hand was such that the organisation already had an AWS Cloud infrastructure – however, it was managed by a third party Cloud management provider.

    Having a third party provider manage their infrastructure was expensive and didn’t allow them to have the kind of influence and control they were looking to have. They wanted to change the status quo by taking sole responsibility for their own system and its applications, and by teaching their in-house teams to develop the highly sought-after DevOps competences, which would enable them to realise this objective.

    Project Details

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    AWS Cloud, Layered Architecture Management, Network Peering

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    Amazon Aurora, AWS DMS, AWS ECS Cluster, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS ALB, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SES, Amazon VPC

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    Terraform, Jenkins, Harness, ELK (Kibana)

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    1 DevOps Engineer, 1 Java/DevOps Engineer

    About the Client

    Advanced is a leading supplier of easy-to-use B2B spend management tools. Its Cloud-based solutions help organisations increase compliance and efficiency, as well as save millions of pounds a year through its Source-to-Settle process.

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