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AIXBRO: Cutting load times from days to minutes

When AIXBRO - a leading supplier of automotive parts in Switzerland - wanted to improve their online database and search functionality, they looked to the Cloud to build a brand new prototype that could cut data generation and archive times.

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Business Benefits

The final PoC proves that AIXBRO has a lot to gain from the Cloud, ensuring customers are able to better use their services and purchase from their store. The company is now looking to expand the PoC to include additional content, including user-generated information.

  • Thanks to scalable performance, the PoC fits within AWS’ free tier, helping save significant costs,
  • AWS Managed Services also reduce administrative & maintenance based costs,
  • Databases can be updated and deployed in minutes,
  • AIXBRO no longer have to worry about their infrastructure - even with a growing inventory, the system scales up.

Business Need

AIXBRO help clients to source and order a wide range of automotive parts from their eCommerce system, with up to 30 million products at any one time, which means that data management is essential.

Unfortunately, their current infrastructure is limited and can only populate around half a million products - even then, it takes up to 80 hours. AIXBRO were curious about the Cloud’s potential, and, to test it, they wanted to create a Cloud-native Proof of Concept (PoC) to showcase how effectively the technology can solve their situation.

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Not only have we modernised our means of managing our extensive inventory, PGS Software has also shown us a future proof solution that will stay with us as we grow and transform. Thanks to the Cloud, we’ve now got a frustration-free solution that will become the basis for multiple new features that will transform our company even further.

Stefan Hilbrich, Director E-Commerce — AIXBRO Swiss GmbH

Project Details

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AWS Cloud, Infrastructure as Code, AWS Serverless, Elasticsearch

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AWS Lambda, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3

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Java, Python, Terraform, IntelliJ IDEA, Postman

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1 Cloud Architect, 1 Cloud Developer

About the Client

AIXBRO GmbH is a company that specialises in the distribution of car parts and accessories across Switzerland, including via an online store, Auto Equipment CH. Based in St. Gallen, the company allows customers to source and order from a wide range of original and aftermarket parts, whether it’s from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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