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Automotive supply chain costs 100x lower thanks to Serverless

A Tier 1 car parts supplier was looking to optimise their forecasting and call-off process to enable effective just-in-time delivery. Their previous set up was based on a heavy ERP system, which was logistically and technologically complicated and, as such, was contributing to high warehousing costs and a messy multi-sequence delivery of parts.

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Business Benefits

Metrologx’s Client didn’t have to wait long for the desired optimisation of the ordering process as, working in tandem, they and PGS Software were able to develop the entire solution in just 4 weeks, launching its live release without any issues or delays.

  • Car manufacturers and suppliers are now able to save on converting orders, as they no longer need to be manually edited.
  • By moving away from traditional methods, which require cost-intensive specialists and by dispensing with conventional SAP or ERP solutions, the Client saves enormous labour costs.
  • AWS Lambda saves further expenses, because the calculation is done in milliseconds and payments are only required for actual usage.
  • Client can now easily innovate and expand their business reach as the platform allows for the processing of millions of messages on a daily basis and costs 100 times less than similar solutions

Business Need

The metrologx company which has extensive experience in providing Cloud solutions to automotive industry clients, was looking to expand their Cloud-based platform, as they needed to meet the growing business requirements of their Client – a Tier 1 car parts supplier.

Seeking to further enhance their SaaS solution in order to realise the Client’s primary business objectives, they approached PGS Software as the company has expert knowledge on how to improve Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, stemming from years of experience with the AWS Cloud.

Project Details

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AWS Cloud, Infrastructure as Code, Serverless, Resiliency Patterns, Reactive Manifesto, High Availability, Message Driven Principles

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Java, AWS Lambda, S3, SQS, CloudWatch, SNS, SES, AWS Elasticache (Redis engine), REST

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JIRA, Confluence, Terraform, AWS CLI, AWS CodeCommit, InteliJ IDEA, Jenkins, Maven

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1 Solutions Architect, 1 QA Engineer, 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager

About the Client

For more than 25 years, metrologx GmbH, which runs a SaaS solution for the automotive industry, has offered a variety of consulting services and tools for the successful completion of projects for well-known customers in the automotive and manufacturing industry. The Managing Director, KarlHeinz Bulheller, began his career at Daimler AG.

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