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AWS SaaS platform
for digital cinematic content

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) wanted to stay ahead of the competition – that’s why they called PGS Software to update their innovative SaaS platform.

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Business Benefits

The PGS Software team was able to build world-class architectures crafted to very specific use cases.

  • Next generation Courier is future-proof with regards to upcoming AAM platforms and products
  • It is also highly scalable, allowing simultaneous uploads & downloads of enormous amounts of data to be made
  • The new solution is much faster than its predecessor
  • The main database was restructured and reduced by 20%, without compromising data support capabilities
  • The new application perfectly handles disconnection & network issues during transfers, leading to a higher quality, seamless performance
  • Speedy development decreased the time to market
  • Results by Numbers



    Reported from production within a year after release



    Done in 6 minutes for rapid feedback



    Reduction of the database without loss of data



    The loading time of one of the main pages

    Business Need

    AAM needed to update Courier, their breakthrough SaaS platform for automated electronic delivery of digital content to cinemas.

    When PGS Software analysed the situation, they decided what AAM really needed was a brand new architecture – one that would require a complete rewrite of the communication protocol.

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    We believe that fully automated electronic delivery through the Cloud will ultimately replace all current managed electronic and physical content delivery services. Our innovative distribution platform – Courier – is at the heart of that strategy and we wanted to take it to the next level of performance and scalability. Having worked with PGS Software before, we knew that they understood the complex technical environment of modern cinema exhibition and would be able to deliver what we required.

    Rich Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, AAM

    Project Details

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    AWS Cloud, Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Continuous Integration, Automated Testing

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    Python, CherryPy, SQL Alchemy, Boto3, Behave, AngularJS, PL/pgSQL

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    Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, Selenium Webdriver, Gattling

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    3 Python developers
    1 Automation tester

    About the Client

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    Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services. Its wide range of solutions enables its customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers to keep them coming back for more.

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