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Coople: From Serverless to Success

As Europe's largest digital staffing platform, Coople regularly ensures that their service is available quickly and around the clock for all clients. To do this, they decided to move to a Serverless architecture.

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Business Benefits

Working with a lot of data has always been a reality for Coople, so the company knows how to handle data in the most cost effective, agile and future-proof way.

To maximize the benefits of hosting in the Cloud, they decided to experiment with Serverless architecture on a subset of their systems before committing to migrating the whole platform.

Initial Results: 1,000% increase in deployments per month (from 10 to 100) and 30 hours from code creation to implementation instead of 250 hours per month.

Results by Numbers


1,000% more deployments per month

(increase from 10 to 100)


833% faster implementation time

(from 250 to 30 hours for code to be implemented)

Business Need

  • Serverless requires less infrastructure management, giving Coople’s teams more time to focus on further innovation.
  • With the model of shared responsibility, many responsibilities are shifted to the data experts at AWS.
  • A pay-per-use model meets Coople’s periodic activities. Peak activity is supported, but without high costs at downtimes.
  • A Serverless architecture sets the groundwork for future Cloud projects, such as Machine Learning & automation.
  • During the migration, it was discovered that the traditional streaming approach for event sourcing was very expensive. Fortunately, with DynamoDB, streams and S3 storage, a much cheaper, streamlined process was achieved.

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Serverless architecture further increased the speed at which we can deploy, meaning that our clients can benefit faster from the features we develop. As a user-centric organization, this is our main focus.

Chris Bradford, Chief Technology Officer, Coople

Project Details

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AWS Cloud, Serverless, Microservices, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code, AWS Multi-Account Architecture

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AWS DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SES, Amazon Cognito

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AWS Well-Architected Tool, Java, Python, Terraform, BitBucket Pipelines, JumpCloud

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2 Developers, 1 Solutions Architect, 1 QA-Specialist, 1 Delivery Manager

About the Client

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Coople is Europe’s largest digital staffing platform with over 500,000 registered workers in the UK and Switzerland and more than 20,000 company accounts. Since 2009, the company has quickly become a premier solution for sourcing temporary workers that reliably meet the complex and specific needs of their clients to build the future of work. Through technological innovation, Coople is transforming the way people work and the way businesses manage their staff. The platform matches workers looking for short- or longer-term jobs with companies that require these workers.

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