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Coople: Security In The Cloud

Coople, Europe’s largest digital staffing platform, is always looking to stay ahead of the curve and provide a consistently agile and high-performing solution to their clients. Audits and reviews are a part of this process.

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Business Benefits

Overall, the security testing aimed at identifying existing exploits and any areas that were not in line with current best practices – by improving these areas, potential risks were removed before they could be manipulated or exposed.

  • Direct penetration testing showed exactly where Coople’s system held up – and where it could be improved.
  • By exploring angles that hadn’t previously been considered, the system could be improved further to make potential attacks even less likely.
  • Insecure privileges can let unwanted individuals gain access to areas they are not supposed to – we designed the system to exclude that possibility.
  • Coople process vast amounts of personal data – we tested and verified that this was secure and could not be accessed unintentionally.

Business Need

Having already moved to the AWS Cloud, Coople wanted to ensure that it was using this environment to its fullest, as well as remove any unforeseen risks in the process. To meet all of these criteria, they chose to undertake a thorough audit of the Cloud architecture.
The AWS Well-Architected Framework looks at five key pillars (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Evaluation, Cost Optimization) but Security took center stage in this case.

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Our users trust us with their personal data, including, for example, their identification and bank account details. Data security is therefore an absolute priority for us, and we are committed to regularly reviewing our processes to ensure that we follow best practice. PGS Software’s strong knowledge in this area has helped us to complete this review efficiently.

Chris Bradford, Chief Technology Officer, Coople

Project Details

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Principle of Least Privilege, Credentials Rotation, Encryption in Transit and Encryption at Rest

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AWS Cloud, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2

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Python, Bash

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1 Security Expert

About the Client

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Coople is Europe’s largest digital staffing platform with over 500,000 registered workers in the UK and Switzerland and more than 20,000 company accounts. Since 2009, the company has quickly become a premier solution for sourcing temporary workers that reliably meet the complex and specific needs of their clients to build the future of work. Through technological innovation, Coople is transforming the way people work and the way businesses manage their staff. The platform matches workers looking for short- or longer-term jobs with companies that require these workers.

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