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Creating image recognition software to find cracks on smartphones

A specialist insurance company was looking to build a solution which would enable the validation of a mobile phone’s condition, regardless of time and location. To answer this need, they built a smart image recognition tool that allows users to check their device’s state at any given moment.

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Business Benefits

With advanced testing methods, the company can regularly and thoroughly test their products - especially when updating - saving money and adapting their products faster.

  • Automated testing occurred on both the frontend and backend, so new features are tested in a quick, timely manner
  • A focus on continuous improvement and integration ensures features are being regularly updated, instead of slow, large-scale redeployment
  • The company is free to innovate and improve their products, safe in the knowledge that testing is in place
  • They can also ensure their services stay active and that their customers receive updated, competitive solutions, without compromise

Results by Numbers



Validation time from photo to policy


Accuracy Rate

(Actual result from test set - 89.623%)


Image Analysis steps

The entire imaging process is executed in seconds

Business Need

As an insurance organisation, the company specialises in offering protection for mobile devices, working with network providers to offer insurance for new smartphones. They already had existing hardware, but they wanted a mobile app to expand their offers to protect older phones.

In both cases, the organisation identified a need for powerful software that could quickly and accurately detect such faults. Because photographs were the only source of information available, this software would need advanced and sophisticated image recognition capabilities.

Project Details

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Visual tracking and positioning systems, actor-model processing, image processing

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.Net, Akka.Net micro services, Python, C++, OpenCV, Odroid, iOS, Android

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C# 7.3, VS 2017, EF 6.2, C++ 17, Git, BitBucket, Jira, .NET 4.7, .NET Core, OWIN, Kestrel

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6 x Backend Developers, 2 x Testers, 1 x Business Analyst, 3 x Mobile Developers, 3 x Frontend Developers

About the Client

The company provides specialist insurance for mobile devices. Their services are available on over 3 continents and they partner with a range of network providers and operators.

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