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End-to-end insurance policy application

PGS Software co-created the Client’s flagship, all-inclusive, custom solution that allows users to easily manage all of their varying insurance needs in one intuitive and easy-to-use application.

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Business Benefits

Adopting a digital-focused strategy has allowed the Client to capitalise on being a true end-to-end insurance provider as customers are recognising the convenience, ease, and speed of digital solutions.

  • Customers report that the simplicity of having one provider is very convenient and cost-effective.
  • Easy and convenient insurance policy management.
  • Users are able to view their information, start claims, and ask for support all in one place.
  • Additional features: policy renewal, Touch ID login, quotes, and access to documentation.
  • Tailored to all types of electronic devices.
  • Greater insight and control.
  • Guaranteed security.
  • Available 24/7.

Business Need

Realising that customers would like to connect and conduct business digitally, the Client wanted to provide them with an all-inclusive application that would let them take care of all their insurance policy needs in a single, easy-to-use solution.

The Client turned to PGS Software because of the high-quality development services they had the chance to benefit from as a result of previous work the two companies had done together. Another deciding factor was that PGS Software is a reliable, public-listed IT development centre, which is conveniently located in a nearshore location – Poland.

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“Great to be able to view my policy details in one place”
“Love it. Sleek, easy to use and makes managing policies and taking advantage of offers… easy!”
"Excellent for keeping track of my policies.”
“Fast, flexible, and intuitive.”

End users

Project Details

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Web development, unit testing, code review, Continuous Integration, automated UI testing, NUnit

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.Net 4.5, MVC 5, jQuery, MS SQL Server, Git

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Jenkins, Selenium Webdriver, Visual Studio, JIRA, Confluence, Stash, SonarQube, Checkmarx

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9 back-end developers, 5 front-end developers, 5 automation testers, 2 manual testers, 1 Scrum Master

About the Client

The Client is a British multinational insurance company whose headquarters are located in London, UK. The Client’s organisation services over 30 million customers across 16 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. In the UK, the Client is the largest general insurer and a leading life and pension provider as well as the second largest general insurer in Canada.

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