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Extended teams alleviate resourcing issues

Science Warehouse’s CTO set out to improve the company’s framework for the supplier reporting system. The only problem was that he didn’t have sufficient resources to carry out the necessary changes.

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Business Benefits

PGS Software’s extended team helped materialise Science Warehouse’s business goal quickly and seamlessly by bridging their resourcing issues. Here is how the PGS Software team increased Science Warehouse’s business success:

  • The lead Project Manager’s communication skills were excellent and his team integrated seamlessly with Science Warehouse’s team
  • The PGS Software team produced the business process model and notation (BPMN) diagrams
  • The UX team created interactive mock-ups upon having conducted careful analyses
  • PGS Software prepared standards and frameworks, and wrote automated tests, which continue to be used by Science Warehouse today
  • The project moved forward at a great velocity thanks to the work of the PGS Software team
  • PGS Software’s test developers were excellent and were key in pushing the project forward
  • The team has extensive experience in using Agile processes and working with the Scrum tools – which helped them integrate with Science Warehouse’s team
  • PGS Software provided a wide range of services and gave access to experienced staff, i.e. a high-level architect
  • The PGS Software and Science Warehouse teams shared a work ethic rooted in proactivity and dedication, making their professional collaboration a hugely successful one
  • Business Need

    Jonathan Russell, CTO, set out to improve Science Warehouse’s framework for the supplier reporting system, as it is one of the foundation blocks of the spend management toolkit.

    However, he did not have sufficient resources to carry out the necessary changes in the required timescale. PGS Software was recommended to Jonathan as a reliable source of expertise that would be able to bridge potential resourcing issues.

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    I was impressed by the fact that my team didn’t have to change the way they worked as the PGS Software team fitted into our way of working. The quality of the work they produced was consistently high – a great achievement considering we had such a short timescale to do the work in. PGS Software’s high-level architect gave us valuable insight into how to take this project to the next level. Likewise, their UX contribution was invaluable.

    Jonathan Russell, Chief Technology Officer, Science Warehouse

    Project Details

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    Scrum, AWS Cloud, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration

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    Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC Rest, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Hibernate, Logback, Lombok, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Flyway, Oracle DB, MariaDB, AWS Redshift, Zuul

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    Jenkins, Vagrant, Logi Analytics, SQL Workbench, DBeaver

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    5 developers, 2 test developers, 1 UX designer, 1 UI designer

    About the Client

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    Science Warehouse is a leading supplier of easy-to-use B2B spend management tools. Its cloud-based solutions help organisations increase compliance, efficiency, and save millions of pounds a year through its Source-to-Settle process.

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