Implementing a dynamic Design System for Swiss Accounting Services

A Swiss accounting service specialist transformed their static designs into a dynamic Design System, enabling faster development and easy prototyping to effortlessly expand their solutions.

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Business Benefits

Where UX specialists would previously implement designs by hand, the company now has access to faster tools that allowed their teams to do more in shorter periods of time, enabling final products to be better adapted for user needs.

  • Faster design and development speeds up release times
  • Updated elements are instantly adapted across every service
  • Reusable assets allow for faster prototyping & new features
  • A shared library ensures the highest, consistent quality

Business Need

The company offers a complete solution for small to medium organisations for managing their business, from issuing invoices to client relationship management, yet they were slowed down by an outdated, monolithic approach.

They wanted the means to freely expand, scale, and adapt, improving their services to reflect the changing business world. A Design System was the ideal solution to suport their UX specialists and developers. By quickly applying brand-approved designs onto the projects, the organisation could quickly create new solutions with the same intuitive interface and style their clients expect.

Project Details

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Continuous Integration, Design System Implementation

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Angular 6/7

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Storybook, Jenkins, Karma, Jasmine

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6 Frontend Developers

About the Client

The company is one of the leading providers for accounting and business management software services in Switzerland. Their Cloud-based software provides a singular, simple, and fast solution for financial processes, such as payroll, accounting, order processing, and bookkeeping. Founded in 2013, the organisation has over 20,000 clients today.

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