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Implementing a modern design framework for insurance apps & services

When a leading insurance company needed to update their visual framework, they implemented a modern Design System that had the side benefit of helping internal teams to create prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) more easily, quickly, and inline with the latest design changes.

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Business Benefits

The biggest benefit to the new Design System was that it enabled internal teams to create PoCs and demo applications faster and with greater ease. Views and prototype designs that once took days or weeks can now be completed within hours.

  • Changes can be quickly made and applied across projects, enabling easy testing
  • Any new features or changes can be quickly rolled back, if needed
  • Internal PoCs and live features can both be adapted to any official design changes
  • Last minute or urgent changes are now stress free to implement
  • New team members can quickly get up to speed
  • Teams are no longer stressed and can focus more on creative innovation

Business Need

Because the company already had numerous services and a strong brand identity in place, an established design guide and framework was already in place. However, as a static guide that was not completely integrated, it was not widely used and often caused problems when trying to update assets.

The organisation realised this was leading to inconsistencies and slow developments - problems that then impacted the final experience for their end users and customers. Consequently, a Design System enabled faster development and an integrated framework that designers and developers alike wanted to work with.

Project Details

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8 x Frontend Devs

About the Client

The Client is a British multinational insurance company whose headquarters are located in London, UK. The Client’s organisation services over 30 million customers across 16 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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