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Interflon: A Mobile App to Support Advisors Outside the Office

Interflon’s desktop-native CRM wasn’t mobile enough to fully support their Technical Advisors outside the office. With the new smart solution, all business activities are not only more enjoyable, but also significantly more effective.

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Business Benefits

With the final solution, TAs now have a huge, powerful database in their pocket. It contains a list of all their clients and contacts (with notes from previous meetings to offer personalized experiences), and pictures plus data about the client’s equipment – all of which can be customized and expanded on-the-go

  • The app also manages all the daily meetings, which solves the issue of long, prior preparations, and even helps with last-minute rescheduling. Now, Advisors only need to amend some basic details in the reports at the end of the working day, which saves a lot of time.
  • Additionally, the application serves as a comprehensive presentation tool. With it, TAs can present a before-after comparison of their product’s effects and show more details with technical insights.
  • Furthermore, TA's can even highlight how much money a client saves with their solutions – the app calculates everything automatically – further growing sales potential.

Business Need

Interflon’s Technical Advisors (TAs) usually meet multiple clients during the day. Before this project, their desktop-native CRM system wasn’t mobile enough to fully support them outside the office. As a result, TAs had to plan all their daily activities one day prior and take all notes on a paper. Finally, at the end of each working day, TAs had to retype every note into the desktop CRM system.

Needless to say, these activities wasted a lot of time. The main goal of the new solution was to solve these issues and make the everyday work of TAs more convenient, enjoyable and effective, and, as a result, grow the overall sales potential. Additionally, the system’s aim was also to be more adjusted to Interflon’s new way of working.

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The professionalism of PGS Software impressed me immensely. Together we created the Interflon landscape of tomorrow.

Rob Oude Voshaar, Technology Manager

Project Details

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Amazon Web Services

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Progressive Web Application

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Design Thinking, Design Sprint

About the Client

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Interflon manufactures premium quality industrial lubricants, cleaners and hardware to reduce maintenance costs, power consumption and CO2 emissions whilst promoting component reliability and factory output. They operate in more than 50 countries and employ 400 skilled Technical Advisors, assisting over 135.000 clients in all kinds of industries.

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