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Kickstarting Yell’s tech refresh and migration to AWS

As further continuation of a successful partnership, PGS Software helped Yell move their technology away from older monoliths and towards further integration with AWS and microservices.

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Business Benefits

What once took 2 weeks can now often be done within the hour, allowing Yell to release new features faster and better adapt to the dynamic digital landscape.

  • Splitting the monolith into separate services made each component easier to individually manage
  • Servers now use 6GB per instance (down from 16GB)
  • Services now use AWS’ common tech stack, helping teams move between services
  • Numerous updates can now be deployed in a single day
  • A distributed cache gives users a seamless experience across servers
  • AWS services are fully scalable, letting Yell increase and decrease CPU inline with demand
  • Results by Numbers


    Deployments per Day

    Increased from 1 deployment every 2 weeks


    Number of Component Tests

    Created to enable migration to CI/CD processes

    65 USD

    AWS Infrastructure Cost

    For the PoC and the migration to Aurora

    Business Need

    While Yell’s origins lie in physical, paper telephone directories, the company has been actively moving towards digital advertising services in recent years, offering a range of online solutions to help merchants advertise and promote their business.

    Yell had already utilised Amazon Web Services (AWS) and wanted to push further into the Cloud, moving more services to create a smoother, seamless experience for end users, while also future-proofing themselves.

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    PGS has supported Yell in achieving a whole new digital engagement model with its customers and consumers. Bringing their experience and expertise to the table during this journey has been invaluable, adding value at various levels, input to planning and design, and heavy lifting with confidence where required.

    Leo Perrotta, Head of Tech Delivery - Digital, ERP, BI, R&D, Yell

    Project Details

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    Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, AWS Cloud, Microservices, ElastiCache, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery,

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    Spring Boot 2.0, Spring 5.0, Java, Terraform, Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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    AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Aurora

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    3 Backend Developers, 1 Tester,
    1 Project Manager

    About the Client

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    Operating in the online marketing space, as of December 2018, Yell has created over 54,000 websites and managed 20,000 PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns for customers in the United Kingdom. The final printed edition of the Yellow Pages, which started in 1966, will be published in January 2019. The company has been actively engaging with digital services, helping companies to advertise and promote their businesses and manage their reputations and succeed online. The digital journey continues with exciting new and improved offerings continuously being released.

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