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Migrating a Leading FinTech Brand to the Cloud

A world-leading FinTech company struggled with an aging system that threatened their strong market position. To help them remain competitive, we migrated their systems and boosted their speed of introducing new features by 869%.

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Business Benefits

We focused on two key issues – refreshing the client’s technology and guiding their internal team to handle the new systems by themselves.

  • Thanks to dropping legacy servers in favor of Cloud hosting, the client achieved a 30% cost reduction.
  • With the power of serverless, the time to introduce new features dropped from the initial 6-12 month to just 6 weeks – and all that with a 99,995% reliability and unlimited scaling for new system components.
  • The company’s Technology Maturity Index sky-rocketed from just 2 to a satisfying 8, empowering the client to retain his market-leader position.
  • And with the newly gained competencies, the client’s in-house team was fully equipped to maintain the new Cloud solution without further external help.

Results by Numbers



cost reduction


8x faster

time to market

2 to 8

Technology Maturity Index

from 2 to 8

Business Need

In 2016, the company noticed huge constraints in their systems due to technical debt.

  • These limitations contributed towards limited scaling, poor flexibility (adding new features took 6-12 months) and the rising threat of losing competitive advantage.
  • To maintain their strong position in the market, the company needed to thoroughly refresh their technology.
  • With the Cloud becoming an increasing necessity – being used in particular by younger FinTechs that can scale quicker – the company decided to migrate to an off-site solution as well.

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I am glad that as a result of our cooperation with PGS Software, we have not only adopted a Cloud native approach to our development strategy, but have also upskilled our team, fueling a culture of innovation in the organization.

the Client

Project Details

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AWS Multi-Account Architecture, CICD, AWS Cloud, Serverless, Multiple Regions, Infrastructure as Code

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AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Workspaces, Amazon Aurora

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Python, Jenkins, Gitlab, Terraform

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1 Python Developer, 1 Cloud QA, 1 Solutions Architect, 3 DevOps Engineers, 1 Delivery Manager, 1 Business Analyst

About the Client

A global FinTech brand. Their intelligent and specialized approach to online payments is transforming the way customers pay.

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