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Migrating to the AWS Cloud saved an application’s life

PGS Software helped the Client to future-proof their applications by migrating them from on-premise servers to the AWS Cloud. The Client now has an easier, more time-efficient deployment process with virtually no downtime.

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Business Benefits

The technical optimisation and migration of the Client’s applications to the AWS Cloud have proved tremendously successful.

  • The applications no longer have to be hosted on-premise – they’re fully future-proof & scalable
  • They are less expensive to maintain – no server administration necessary
  • They are also easier to maintain as they have been split into microservices
  • In case errors occur, Infrastructure as Code allows the applications to be recreated quickly & effortlessly
  • The infrastructure scales accordingly in times of increased traffic
  • Zero-downtime deployments with an immutable design ensure the solution is future-proof
  • Automatic deployments have rendered the release process virtually error-proof
  • The Client can remain one step ahead of their previous set-up
  • Business Need

    The Client was looking to bring their applications up to speed with the digital transformation era. The company used to host their products on Rackspace’s physical servers but decided to move them to the AWS Cloud.

    The Client knew they would have to do whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of their previous set-up. They realised that they needed to not only migrate, but also to optimise the applications’ processes. They were looking to have an easier, more time-efficient deployment process with as little as possible downtime.

    Project Details

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    AWS Cloud, Automated Zero-Downtime Deployment, Infrastructure as Code

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    PHP, MySQL, Sphinx, MongoDB, Redis

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    Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Packer

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    3 AWS Certified Cloud Engineers

    About the Client

    The Client provides equity firms, hedge funds, and strategy consultants with information that is meant to help them gain a better grasp on their investment opportunities.

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