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Native apps increased the number of unique users by 1200%

One of Germany’s leading banks was able to increase their mobile banking clientele by an impressive 1200% thanks to PGS Software’s involved technical partnership.

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Business Benefits

The Client is one of Germany’s leading banks and as such was losing business each day that they were not able to provide customers with seamless and secure mobile banking functionalities. The decision to expand their portfolio to include two top-of-the-line mobile applications for both iOS and Android has significantly increased their business success.

  • Since the revamp of the iOS app & the creation of a new Android app, the amount of unique users increased by 1200% (from 50,000 to 600,000)
  • Both applications reached high-ranking spots in the App Store & Google Play
  • The Client became one of the first German banks to introduce contactless payments
  • Developed according to the highest security standards (Payment Services Directive 2)
  • Applications now offer multi-banking possibilities (support more than one bank account)
  • Native look & feel, professionally designed & automatically tested UI
  • Both applications are highly performant and provide seamless user experience
  • Results by Numbers


    App Store Rating

    Increased from 2.5 (previous iOS version)



    In # of unique users


    Production Bug

    Within first 3 months after release

    Business Need

    The Client, serving nearly 15 million customers is one of Germany’s premier banks, and as such, they needed to expand their non-desktop user application portfolio. They already had a simple iOS app and a dedicated iPad application, which provided users with a bundle of great banking functionalities. However, they realised that not as many customers used the application as they would have liked.

    Additionally, the Client had difficulty finding an experienced and skilled mobile development team – especially one who had working practical knowledge of meeting strict banking security standards. After having conducted thorough research, the Client asked PGS Software to develop their new iOS and Android applications as, at the time, the Polish banking market was quite advanced in terms of digital and electronic banking.

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    “Clear and easy to use.”

    “Works very well and offers a good overview.”

    iOS App Users

    Project Details

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    iOS, Android, automated testing, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration

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    Java, Objective C, MVC, REST API, Swift, XCUITest/UI Automation, Touch ID, Core Data / Magical Record, Keychain, Encryption & Enhanced Security, Kotlin, RxJava, MVVM

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    Jenkins, Docker, Bamboo, Git, Bitbucket, Sourcetree, Jira, TestFLO, Confluence, Android Studio, Xcode, Spoon, Fastlane, Gradle, JUnit, Espresso, Robotium, XCTest

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    6 iOS developers, 7 Android developers, 7 QA specialists, 1 Project Manager, 2 graphic designers

    About the Client

    The Client is a German retail bank, serving nearly 15 million customers nationwide.

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