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Nightline: Improved Stop Predictions Thanks to Revamped Delivery Process

A new delivery process enabled the smooth integration of the Irish courier service Nightline into UPS, improved delivery stop predictions and enabled estimated delivery times to be set automatically.

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Business Benefits

UPS can now deliver Nightline freight thanks to a barcode and scanning system, facilitated by the Load 2 Car app. Apart from benefiting the smooth integration of two formerly separate entities, the delivery process as a whole was improved. Systemized data has enabled the following improvements:

  • Predicted stops vs actual stops are more accurate (+/-1 instead of +/-5)
  • ETA calculations are now possible, increasing client satisfaction
  • The delivery route can be optimized on the go by the driver, increasing employee satisfaction

Results by Numbers


+/-1 accuracy of predicted stops

Business Need

When UPS acquired Nightline, a key integration issue was differing delivery processes: Nightline uses a device-based system to scan, load and deliver packages, while UPS drivers relied on a more manual process in which vans are loaded by dedicated pre-loaders. UPS drivers had to memorize the order in which to deliver parcels, while Nightline drivers were supported by a driver manifest. For UPS drivers to be able to deliver packages more efficiently, a system needed to be found that allowed the use of Nightline’s scanning system.

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Collaboration was key from the UPS stand point – collaboration between the teams in IT, Operations and Industrial Engineering. Developing the system with an agile approach allowed us to engage with the people on the floor, who brought their ideas to the developers via the product owner. Without this approach, which PGS Software supported us with, the project would not have succeeded the way it did.

David Sheridan, Information Technology Development Manager, UPS

Project Details

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Azure Cloud, Continuous Delivery

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.Net (C#), Angular, Azure SQL Server, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, RabbitMQ, SSRS

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Azure DevOps

About the Client

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Established in 1992, the Nightline Group has been a leading courier and logistics service in Ireland, serving individuals and businesses around the world – from online retailers to SMEs, from multi-national tech companies, to auto-parts, to retail distributors. Acquired by UPS Ireland in 2017, the combined entities deliver 60,000 parcels daily and serve over 1,500 shippers in Ireland.

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