Omio: How a Google Cloud backend streamlined user experience

Omio was looking to unify the backend of its app to ensure users always have access to the newest feature updates and receive key itinerary information – even while the app is turned off.

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Business Benefits

Thanks to this optimisation, Omio was able to provide their users with a highly available, Cloud-hosted, and fully integrated multiplatform mobile app, which:

  • Sends push notifications when turned off – ensuring users always stay informed on their travels,
  • Is integrated – meaning the app is updated simultaneously across all platforms,
  • Guarantees ease of use – new features become active without clicking “Update”,
  • Saves costs – Omio limited the number of queries they have to send to partners,
  • Is scalable – using managed Cloud services enables the app to adapt as needed,
  • Decreased time-to-market – using Google Firebase accelerated development effort.

Results by Numbers

10 min


To deliver new features to the user; previously, this took months



Render the app highly-performant



In the number of expensive requests to partner systems



In the development effort thanks to Cloud services

Business Need

Omio, previously known as GoEuro, today has more than 27 million monthly users, with 70% of traffic from mobile alone. To help engage and delight this user-base, Omio wanted to enhance the user experience of one of its key products – the mobile app.

The app already provided crucial information such as the departure platform, train stops in between destinations, and delays or alterations to services. But: users could only benefit from this functionality when the app was turned on.

To alleviate this inconvenience, Omio wanted to build a Google Cloud-hosted infrastructure that would unify the desktop and mobile applications via the backend – enabling the app to work even when turned off, and for updates to be implemented across all platforms in unison.

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A multi-platform experience has been an essential part of the Omio travel app since day one. Working with PGS Software to optimise and unify this process has proven very successful, as their nearly decade-long experience with the Cloud has helped us benefit from a future-proof and scalable solution whose backend is integrated across all platforms. Now, our customers can enjoy live updates and the newest in-app features anytime and on any device.

Moiz Zuberi, Senior Engineering Manager, Omio

Project Details

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DevOps, Integration Testing, Canary / Zero-Downtime Deployment, Microservices, Infrastructure as Code

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Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, PubSub, Kubernetes, Docker, Spring Boot, Protobuf

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Jenkins, Github, Jira, Grafna, Kibana, Sentry, Terraform

About the Client

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Omio (previously known as GoEuro) helps customers find and book tickets for travel by train, bus and flight across Europe. Omio shows the best transport options, based on duration, price or mode, while eliminating the need for users to visit multiple websites to plan a trip and creating a simple, personalised booking experience.

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