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Omio: Unifying brand aesthetic with a Design System

With over 18 million application downloads and an average of 27 million monthly users, the development effort from Omio was truly extensive – and with many independent frontend teams working on the app, a Design System needed to be implemented to provide brand consistency across all elements.

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Business Benefits

With over 27 million monthly users on average, Omio has many customers to delight and a very clear reason to provide a visually consistent and seamless user experience.

As well as providing this consistency, the creation of the Design System and a central library of resources and components meant that:

  • Omio teams can create new services using pre-existing assets, diminishing development times,
  • Different teams are able to guarantee a seamless, unified experience across company products,
  • Navigation is easy and effortless for users, as all buttons and elements remain consistent,
  • Omio can benefit from a streamlined design and development process with a consistent brand aesthetic and tone,
  • Users are provided with a perfected, visually consistent application.

Results by Numbers



to the shared components library



that today make use of the design system



a substantial amount of the code is shared

Business Need

Due to the expansive scope and scale of the Omio app, the company had divided its frontend team into smaller teams who were tasked with developing separate user-facing elements of the app. For example, one team was responsible for the homepage, another for the search page, and yet another one for the booking page.

To complicate matters further, the teams’ development efforts didn’t coincide, and each team used a separate code repository.

This sometimes resulted in frontend teams creating visual app elements that looked somewhat different from each other, (e.g. buttons had slightly different shapes and colours). Omio quickly realised that a systematic change was needed – and that’s when the decision was made to implement a company-wide, unifying frontend Design System.

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We’re thrilled that the Omio app continues to grow in popularity and scope – with that in mind, we knew that providing visual consistency and high-quality user experience would be crucial for our customers. To meet this need, PGS Software has helped us implement a Design System that all teams could use to ensure brand consistency. This has proven very efficient and allows us to grow at an even faster pace.

Alex Zhuk, Engineering Manager, Omio

Project Details

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Components Library, Private NPM Package

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JavaScript, React, NodeJS, NPM

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Storybook, Styleguidist, InVision

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46 Design System Contributors

About the Client

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Omio (previously known as GoEuro) helps customers find and book tickets for travel by train, bus, and flight across Europe. With Omio, travellers can decide on the best transport option for their needs, based on duration, price or mode, instead of having to visit multiple websites to plan a trip. The booking experience is simple and personalised.

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