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The mobile app & EEG headphones that lull you to sleep

The technology produced by PGS Software supports the world’s first sleep sensing EEG headphones. The product adapts to you and your environment, learning what helps you rest and relax.

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Business Benefits

The PGS Software development team helped create a product that delivers user benefits like no other product on the market – leading to over 15,000 pre-orders of the Kokoon headphone even before its official launch.

  • Adapts to the user and their environment
  • Tracks how deeply the user is sleeping
  • The mobile app provides a “sleep score”
  • The data stored in the app is used to identify how the user’s sleep can be improved
  • The system adjusts the audio as the user falls asleep
  • Business Need

    Tim Antos, CEO of Kokoon, created innovative sleep sensing headphones but needed an experienced software development team to produce the mobile application and backend solution, which would be at the centre of the system – while ensuring excellent user experience and easy of use.

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    The PGS Software team was instrumental in integrating the iOS and Android application with the API that processed the EEG data. They used DevOps methodology to accelerate the development of the system and it was a great success as they were able to develop the mobile app and the back-end service in parallel. They also carried out the testing – working in conjunction with my own in-house team to ensure that all work complied with our strict standards.

    Tim Antos, CEO, Kokoon

    Project Details

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    Continuous Integration, Scrum, Manual Testing, UX, External Bluetooth device integration, Machine Learning, Analytics, Advanced audio playback solutions

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    iOS, Android, Ruby, Python

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    GATT, TensorFlow, ExoPlayer, Firebase, Facebook SDK

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    5 Developers

    About the Client

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    Kokoon is a start-up based in London, UK. The company’s flagship product is the world’s first sleep sensing headphone, which was launched on Kickstarter, raising $2M in donations.

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