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Volotea: First integration with Navitaire’s flight reservation system

Volotea recognised the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends – that is why they decided to diversify their development team and to implement the entirely new dotREZ REST API framework integration model into their existing system.

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Business Benefits

The decision to use the dotREZ REST API framework rendered Volotea a pioneer in the airline industry, as they are the first of over 100 airlines working with Navitaire to use this API. Additionally, the new cross-platform Xamarin applications have allowed Volotea to further expand into the mobile market in a big way.

The Xamarin applications and the dotREZ REST API customisation increased Volotea’s business success:

  • The flight reservation system is now fast, scalable, and future-proof
  • A single team developed both mobile apps – saving time & money
  • The mobile developers were able to share 80% of code across platforms
  • Maintenance of all apps became easier and more cost-effective
  • Business Need

    Volotea had to adapt to the new market reality resulting from changes in their integration with the third party company Navitaire, who is responsible for the ticket reservation system they had previously been using.

    They were also looking to diversify their team of developers in order to better innovate their existing platforms, as they wanted to significantly improve their website and to further expand into the mobile market in a big way.

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    With PGS Software’s technical engagement, we became one of the first airlines working with Navitaire to use the dotREZ REST API. Now, our applications are scalable, future-proof, as well as faster and easier to maintain.

    Alex Rodriguez, IT Director, Volotea

    Project Details

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    REST API, AWS Gateway, Swagger, dotRez API framework, Dependency Injection, Unit/Integration Tests, Continuous Integration, Code metrics, Github, MyGet, Salesforce, Facebook, Paypal, Adyen

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    .NET Core 2.0 (1.1), .NET Xamarin.Forms (Android, iOS), Angular, Typescript, Selenium, ASP.NET Core, Swashbuckle Swagger, OpenCover, NUnit, Moq, FluentAssertions, AutoFac, AutoFixture, AutoMapper, FluentValidation, SSIS, WebServices, SkySales, Quartz

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    VisualStudio, Resharper, Jenkins, GIT, Visual Studio Code Docker, SQL Management Studio, NuGet Package Explorer, Splunk, TeamCity, Calabash, Postman, RESTassure, Bitbucket, JetBrains Rider, Vs4Mac (visual studio for mac), MacinCloud, HockeyApp

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    6 Xamarin Developers, 6 Frontend Developers, 4 Backend Teams (15 Developers), 1 QA Team (5 Software Testers)

    About the Client

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    Volotea, the airline of European mid and small-sized cities, offers direct flights at very competitive prices. Since its creation in April 2012, Volotea has carried more than 22 million passengers across Europe and 6.57 million in 2018. In 2019, Volotea operates 319 routes among more than 80 medium and small-sized cities in 13 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg and Morocco. The airline expects to carry more than 7.5 million passengers in 2019. Volotea operates its network with 34 aircrafts in 2019. Its fleet includes Boeing 717s and Airbus A319s.

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